Scope of services

The pharmaceutical laboratory carries out tests on the quality, efficacy and/or quality of raw materials, intermediate products and finished products for the pharmaceutical industry.

The laboratory is accredited according to ISO 17025, approved by FDA and we are a holder of the Decision on the license to operate a control laboratory issued by SÚKL and ISCVBM.

With our highly qualified and experienced staff, advanced analytic equipment and systems, we can process requests quickly and efficiently, with the accuracy of results always being our highest priority.

We work in accordance with the following standards:

  • ČL - Czech Pharmacopoeia
  • USP - US Pharmacopoeia
  • Ph. Eur. - European Pharmacopoeia
  • ICH Guidelines

If you are interested, we are also able to process samples according to the UK or Japanese pharmacopoeia, other international standards or specific methodologies tailored to your needs.


Ph.: +420 226 226 997