Logistics - pharmaceutics

 Sample collection

We offer collection of your samples and their transport to the laboratory from the entire Bohemia and Moravia according to pre-agreed and ad hoc collection schedules. Samples are transported in a vehicle with monitored cooling equipment. To ensure proper sampling, we will supply you with a corresponding sampler upon request.

Contact us for ordering collection of samples.


Closed and properly marked samplers are transported by ALS drivers to a laboratory in Prague where they are accepted by the reception staff, checked and entered into the laboratory information system (LIMS) in a special sample room compliant with GMP regulations. All information on the handover protocol is recorded in the system (designation, batch number, specification, date and time of collection, etc.).

Individual samplers are labelled with a number generated by the system and are further processed under this number in all participating sections of the laboratory. In addition to the sample number, this label also contains a generated barcode that allows unambiguous identification and is used to further monitor the status of the sample.