Reporting of Results


Services provided by ALS Pharmaceutical include an electronic confirmation of sample receipt to your e-mail address in pdf format.

This confirmation will be sent after you register your sample in the laboratory and contains the following detailed information:

  • Order, sample ID
  • Customer data
  • Date of sample receipt
  • Expected reporting of results
  • Number and names of received samples
  • Contact information for issuing an invoice and final protocol
  • Required analyses


The standard sample processing time is 7-10 working days from sample receipt.

A handover protocol must be delivered to the laboratory together with the samples, which can also be sent electronically by e-mail.

If microbiological analysis results are required to be reported as soon as they are completed by an official final protocol, the requirements for determining microbiological parameters must be separated into a specific order. In this case, these requirements must be specified in a separate handover protocol. The delivery time of the results of the orders with the requirement for determination of microbiological analyses is determined by the parameter with the longest technological period.

For some parameters we can provide express delivery of analyses.

Express delivery options must be always consulted with the laboratory in advance.


  • The results are reported electronically via the official final protocol
  • Final protocols can also be issued in a foreign language (English, German, Polish)
  • At the same time, we are able to process the results according to customer's needs – monitoring trends, OOS etc.